Keith Pace Asciak

Chief Executive

We love to create fun, engaging photo experiences at events.

Hello!  I’m Keith and I’ve spent most of my life taking pictures. When all my friends started getting married, I was the person they chose to capture their love.  It was at one of these weddings that a friend said to me during the reception, “Keith, put down the camera you can stop taking pictures now – have fun!”.  

As hard as I tried I was not able to shed my camera – it was a part of me.  So I started to devise a plan in which I could continue to take pictures while still enjoying myself.  The concept of the Snapshot Photobooth was born! Back then it was analog my friends.  Yes, a film based photo booth.  We would usually go through 3 rolls of 36 images. The next day I would take the film to a 24 hour lab and voila – fun prints from the night.

By 2005 I had a viable business and started to advertise the Snapshot Photobooth. We have come a long way since that day!  I put together a great team of wonderful people.  We’ve been innovating ever since, creating and adding to our photo activation tool kit.

Meet our awesome team of photo booth specialists


Director of Sales


Event Team Leader


Photo Booth Specialist


Event Team Leader


Photo Booth Specialist


Photo Booth Specialist


Photo Booth Specialist


Photo Booth Specialist


Photo Booth Specialist

Let’s work together!

We pride ourselves on creating unique and fun photo experiences for all kinds of events.  With 1000’s of events under our belts we can help you create an amazing photo activation.  Our trained staff are event experts and are always ready to contribute to the success of your event.


Wanna know a little bit more about us?

Here’s a little more info on who we are and the way we work.

Our Company Mission

To provide the best quality photo booths and photo services to ensure your memories will last a lifetime. Oh and to have fun doing so!

The Snapshot Photobooth Philosophy

Get in the Picture!  Grab your loved ones, your besties, your friends and your colleagues.  Get them in the Snapshot Photobooth and let the fun ensue!

The Snapshot Photobooth Promise

Our service is second to none.  We know photobooths and we know events.  Our staff will ensure the smooth running of our equipment and maintain our presence professionally at your event.

Back up, back up, back up

Most events are a one shot deal, so we ensure that we always have full back up equipment on hand in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.