Green Screen Photo Booth Rental in Toronto

Green screen photo booth experiences for your event or activation. Get in on the fun as we capture amazing photos of your guests at your event.

Green screen photo booth rental experiences in Toronto


We use green screen photo booth technology to help brands realize their marketing goals during branding activations.

Green screen involves using a green backdrop, which is later replaced by a background or footage of your choice.  Perfect for scenarios where you would like to offer multiple background choices or to create something that would otherwise be too costly or impossible to create.

With the advent of AI we utilise AI background removal which lets us remove the background without a physical green screen backdrop.

The use of green screen technology greatly enhances the photo booth experience for events and marketing activations.  With AI background removal, the possibilities of green screen photo and video booths are expanding, enabling the creation of branded user-generated content.

Incorporating Green screen into photo booths

We’ve been using green screen technology in photo booths for many years. It’s perfect when our clients want numerous backdrop choices provided to their guests. An example of this is when we did an activation for Tourism in Melbourne, Australia. We were able to provide guests with the opportunity to photograph themselves in various locations throughout Melbourne at the touch of a button.

Another example of a green screen photo booth that worked really well is for a movie premiere. We are able to offer guests, the ability to be photographed in different sets from the movie. When we add in custom props and execute perfect lighting, this can produce great photos and videos – ones that guests will definitely share to social media. Creating a buzz around the movie premiere.

Green screen can also be used as a low cost alternative to getting a custom printed backdrop. If you are working with a limited budget, green screen can help save you some money.

a woman walks confidently
two guys posing on a green screen

What is Green Screen Technology?

Green screen technology is based on the use of a specific green backdrop which is placed behind the subject during filming or photography. The green screen is then selected and replaced with either cgi or background footage or images of your choice. This technique was created and perfected for the movie industry in order to film scenes that either didn’t exist or are too expensive to create.


Why use a Green Screen?

Why are green screens green? They haven’t always been green – in the past they’ve been different colors, black, yellow, blue, but the directors that were regularly using green screen realized that the least worn color was green and for that reason it became the industry standard.

Today, most sets will still use green screen, however there is also a blue backdrop that works quite well, and now with the advent of AI we are able to utilize background removal without using any colored backdrops. AI has become so advanced that it is able to detect a subject in a photo or video and can isolate it from the background, and thereby remove the background.

three men posing with medieval swords and shields on a green screen backdropthree men posing with medieval swords and shields

How does Green Screen work?

When using green screen in a photo booth it’s like creating a photo or video sandwich. These are the main steps in producing green screen photo booth images and videos:

  • We photograph or record the subject on a green screen.
  • The green screen is detected and removed.
  • Your backdrop or video is placed behind the subject
  • We add a template on top of the subject to frame it all up.

The result is a unique, custom branded photo or video.

An infographic explaining how green screen photo booths work

What are the advantages of using a Green Screen?

The use of green screen has many advantages. The primary advantage would be to isolate, remove and insert a new background into a photo or video footage. Creating some thing that would otherwise not have been possible to create. For example, if you wanted to have dinosaurs in your photo or video – The only way to do so would be to add them by utilizing green screen technology.

The second main advantage of using green screen is to provide multiple background choices for the same shot.

The third advantage of using a green screen is it can often provide a budget friendly solution to an otherwise expensive venture.

A gif showing different green screen options
photo booth print from a hair salon with 3 lovely ladies posing using ai background removal

AI background removal photo booths

With the advent of intelligent AI, that can detect and remove backgrounds automatically the future of green screen, photography and video is open to many new possibilities. We can incorporate this AI into our photo booths as well as into virtual booths, making this a very powerful marketing tool. This will facilitate, the creation of branded user generated content much easier.


Reverse green screen

So, now that you understand green screen – let’s introduce Reverse Green Screen.  This is a process whereby we use green screen technology, but instead of a green screen backdrop, we use a white backdrop and instead with green props.  The props then take on the background replacement content.  Creating an entirely new spin on green screen photography and video.

We can swap out the green screen props for still photos or video for a truly one of a kind experience.  We have done this using green pieces of cloth, green balloons, green shapes, you get the picture!

Green Screen Photo Booth Packages

Our packages include everything to make your corporate event photo booth exceptional. Take it up a notch with a number of premium options to further enhance your experience. Let's discuss your event goals and come up with a unique photo experience to make your event a success.


Fully brand the animated start screen, overlay templates, emails, texts, microsite/gallery, props, etc

Multiple Backgrounds

Give your guests 3 different background choices for their photo or video experience.


A custom branded gallery or microsite with all the photos and videos taken at your event.

Data Analytics

Track the success of your event and collect valuable data.

Social Sharing

Photos and videos are shared directly from the booth via email, text, and QR code, or we can set up separate sharing stations.


Creative filters that will enhance the expereince and the photo or video.

Infinite Possibilities

Create the unexpected and flex your imagination.

Multiple Background Choices

Give your guests multiple choices for their photo booth background.

Save Money

More cost effective then a custom printed backdrop.

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