An outdoor green screen experience at the Taco Tuesday Food Festival

We utilized a green screen photo booth to create an exciting and interactive photo and boomerang experience for guests while creating a fantastic branding experience for Casa Mendoza.

  • Brand Activation
  • Boomerangs / Photos
  • Green Screen
  • Custom Props
  • Outdoor Festival

We were asked to come up with a photo/boomerang experience to bring brand awareness to our client’s brand at a Taco festival.

Casa Mendoza wanted to increase their brand awareness for their various products by providing a photo op at their booth at Toronto’s Taco Fest.  We created an engaging green screen experience with a selection of backgrounds for guests to choose from.

Fun and whimsical Taco themed prop signs were created and supplied by Casa Mendoza along with some fun backgrounds.  Guests loved having the option to create either a photo or a boomerang.  The various backdrop options also added to the possibility of guests taking multiple photos and sharing on social media.

data analytics for a brand awareness campaign

The Results are in:

Over the 3 day festival we engaged with over 1,000 guests and produced over 1,100 sessions resulting in a reach of 130,220 and 424,654 impressions.

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The Cool Boomerangs

The Fun Photos