Four women posing in a video photo booth having fun

Celebrating a 3o year anniversary with a fun video / photo experience.

We were thrilled when Chatters came to us to integrate a video experience into a custom built set, aimed to engage guests, evoke emotions, and strengthen its brand presence.  This was a great opportunity to create an immersive and memorable experience to memorialise their 30th anniversary.

  • Custom Set
  • Video / Photo Experience
  • Custom Overlay
  • Onsite Printing

We created an awesome video experience to compliment this fantastic custom set.

Concept Development:  Chatters created a nostalgic vintage style set with a custom pink couch and iconic hair dryers.  We created and designed the video experience including on site edits to create videos that were ready to share at the event.

Atmosphere:  The visually appealing custom set attracted Chatters core clientele and created a celebratory ambiance, generating anticipation and excitement among guests.

Creating the Videos:  Guests were guided by our friendly attendant who explained the process of creating the videos and supplied energy and encouragement.

Social Media Integration:  With instant video edits and custom branding the videos  were available immediately for sharing on social media – facilitating a wider participation for the in person event.

A woman with curly hair posing in a video photo booth

Some of the FUN videos we produced!

The Outcome:

This activation was part of a larger event that attracted people from all over Toronto and provided a great cross section of regular clients and guests who were being introduced to this brand for the first time!

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Engagement:  Our video experience combined with the custom set successfully attracted guests and created an atmosphere of joy and personal connection to Chatters.

Reach + Impressions:  Sharing to social extended the event to Chatters online presence and created excitement amongst the online community.

Marketing:  The great assortment of videos and photos served to entertain the onsite guests and created valuable content for Chatters.

a group of colleagues posing on a custom vintage set for a salon
two women posing back to back in a vintage salon set
two women posing on a vintage salon set
a woman posing on a pink couch in a vintage salon set
three women posing on a pink couch
a woman posing with a pillow on a vintage salon set

We added a print component as well.

We produced onsite prints which were loved by the guests and contributed to the overall experience in the form of a souvenir from the event.  Guests were given the option to create a video and or a 6×4 print, both of which were ready for sharing right at the event.

A hand holding a print from a photo booth