Reverse Green Screen Photobooth

You’ve heard of green screen right? In case you haven’t, it’s a process whereby images are shot on a special green backdrop. The green backdrop is then “keyed” or cut out of the image and replaced by a specific visual – still or video. This is how many special effects are created in block buster movies.

So reverse green screen is were we flip green screen on its head!! Rather then a green screen backdrop we use a white backdrop and green props. And yes you guessed it, anything that is green in the photo will take on the image or video, creating an entire new spin on everything green screen 😉

two women dancing in a reverse green screen photo booth

Spark Some Creativity

Electrify your guest, or set them on fire! Incorporate either a custom or stock photo/video into the photo or boomerang GIF to amplify your message.

Create some amazing content that will be shared over and over again on social media.

As you can imagine, this allows for some truly innovative experiences. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of these super cool results.

Obviously, this is not your average photo booth activation 😉

Your guests want to create something unique. We set the stage and guide them to a unique experience with your brand. The sky is the limit! Incorporate either video or stills on to the green so anything goes.

With a large selection of green props and objects guests will be motivated to create one of a kind experiences! Reverse green screen isn’t limited to boomerangs – we can create stills as well.

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