How We Use AI to Remove Backgrounds in Photo Booths without Green Screen Backdrops

Adding a fun and interactive photo experience to your retail activation

Looking to include a fun and interactive photo experience in your retail environment but don’t have enough room for a backdrop?  AI to the rescue!  We can employ the technology behind AI to remove the background for photos without the need for a green screen.  Allowing for the use of any backdrop that you would like!

AI Background Removal Technology

AI background removal technology is a revolutionary tool that allows you to remove the background from any photo. The AI algorithms are trained to recognise the foreground and background of any image, making it easier to separate them. This technology uses machine learning algorithms to identify the subject in the photo, and then remove the background without losing any of the details in the foreground.  All the photos in this post were created in store without a backdrop.  We used AI background removal technology to remove the busy, salon background and replace it with the brands colour to create a fully branded take away image for guests.

photo booth photo of three ladies with an ai removed backdrop
photo booth photo of a couple with an ai removed backdrop

Benefits of using AI background removal for your photo activation

  • No more need for a large bulky 8 x 8 backdrop which rarely works in a retail environment or small space.
  • Save money as we can create a custom digital backdrop for much less then a physical backdrop. 
  • The ability to choose or create your bespoke backdrop to match your brand colours or theme. 
  • The option to have different backdrops to choose from, giving your guests a better experience. 
  • And finally, no need for an unsightly green screen!
photo booth photo with an ai removed backdrop and replaced with a pink backdrop
photo booth photo with an ai removed backdrop

How it works

Using AI to remove the background for photo booth photos is a straightforward process. We will set up your photo experience in your desired location.  The photo booth will capture your guests photos, gifs and videos and our dedicated AI will utilise a strong WiFi network to analyse the image and remove the background and replace it with your chosen background.

Using AI in your photo experience to remove the background is a game-changer. It saves you time and money, and it allows you to customize the background to your liking. This technology is especially useful for those with limited space in a retail setting, where setting up a green screen backdrop may not be possible.

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