The Benefits of a Photo Booth for University Events

Cost-Effective Fun: The Value of Adding a Photo Booth to Your University's Event Lineup

Photo booths have become a popular addition to many university events.  They are the perfect conversation starter while providing unlimited opportunities for engaging guests and providing fun and laughter. The perfect way to create a fun memento of your university event that will live on in dorms and on refrigerators for years to come!

Create an easy marketing tool for your university with Snapshot Photobooth!

Here are some benefits of having a Snapshot Photobooth at your university event:

1. Memory-making: Attendees will have a blast at your university event creating a physical reminder of their experience in the form of photos and videos. These photos will be shown to family and friends physically and shared online on social media. This will help create a sense of nostalgia and encourage attendees to attend future events.

2. Branding: All photos, videos and gifs are branded with the universities logo.  This ensures that they work overtime as marketing tools that will live on in the form of printed photos and digital posts online. Students love to post these photos in their dorms!  Reminding them of the fun they had at your event, while increasing brand recognition and visibility for the university which leads to increased awareness in the general public.

3. Social Media Integration: Instant sharing right from the photo booth encourages attendees to share their pictures on social media.  Taking your event online and reaching a wider audience. Perfect if the university wants to promote an upcoming event, or attract new students.

4. Go virtual!  A virtual photo booth can also be used to further the reach of your online efforts.  By offering the photo booth to guests that are not physically present at your event.

5. Student involvement: A photo booth can serve as a great way for students to get involved and showcase their creativity. We have set up photo booths for various university events to encourage involvement and reward students for their efforts. This can help increase engagement and build a sense of community among students.

6. Entertainment: Everyone loves to “Get in the Picture!” A photo booth at your university event will provide an interactive and enjoyable activity that will engage attendees. Fun props help to break the ice and encourage attendees to take photos with friends.  Want to try something unique?  Create fun boomerangs as well as photos.

7. Cost-effective: Photo booths make a great entertainment option!   They entertain attendees, and they also provide a memorable keepsake and an opportunity for brand recognition.  A triple threat if you will 🙂

Providing a photo booth at your university event is a great way to provide a fun and unique way for attendees to capture memories, while serving as a cost effective marketing tool.  Need some more inspiration, here are eight more ways to increase student engagement.

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