The Confetti Animated GIF Booth

Fun with confetti in the photo booth

There is talented and then there is GIF-ted – which one are you?  At SNAPSHOT PHOTOBOOTH, we pride ourselves on being a talented bunch of snap-happy people but now we are also truly GIF-ted!  Thanks to our amazing Animated GIF booth!

With the onset of animated images – otherwise known as GIFs – within the social media world, viewing photos online has become far more interesting and fun. Naturally, we couldn’t resist wanting to become BFFs with the GIF kind of fun– especially when it comes to making your photobooth snaps more amusing and entertaining! Along with this added fun – animated GIFs are really awesome for expressing an element of surprise or for sharing emotions in a more meaningful, genuine and more memorable way. 

The beauty of the animated GIF booth – and the real reason we love them so much -is their ability to share so much in a series of moments. Really, a GIF is a short and sweet gift of fun! Take our Confetti GIF for example – it’s beyond cool to see your friend or loved one toss confetti in the air and then watch it ‘boomerang’ right back into their hand. In fact, it seems unbelievable at first and then you just want to see it happen over and over again!

Don’t take our word for it – check out GIPHY  for some of the best Animated GIF’s available on the internet.  Or better yet contact us today and book your very own GIF booth for your event.

SNAPSHOT Photobooth is super excited about our new animated GIF selection and can’t wait for you to get GIF-ted with us!

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