Brand activations generate social engagement

In store brand activations and experiential marketing events

In store activations attract customers.  A successful retail brand activation takes a ton of work, planning, the right people and the perfect execution.  An in store brand activation should create a memorable experience that your key audience will want to participate in and ultimately share to their social networks.   

Creating a limited, exclusive event to introduce or promote new merchandise is a great way to draw your clients in store.   

Here are 3 great in store brand activations that Snapshot Photobooth has participated in to great success.

New store opening and launch

In this example we brought our Snapshot Photobooth to the streets outside the new Aldo store in Valetta, Malta.  The store had been recently refurbished and re opened for the public.  The top Maltese influencers and fashion bloggers from around the island were invited to check out the new store and save on some fantastic deals to commemorate the store opening.  Goodie bags were also given to all the guests.

We created a fun photo booth experience complete with custom props that included the Aldo logo as well as funny sayings like “I heart shoes!”

Guests were encouraged to take photos with their friends and everyone was presented with a 4×6 keepsake photo.  Photos were customized with the brands logo and a hashtag specific to the event.

Christmas promotion of a perfume brand

Ahh Christmas!  The time retailers love the most.  In a shopping mall you have a captive audience for your brand.  We were hired by a perfume shop to create an amazing experience that would attract customers to their store to try a new fragrance.  We had a full blown Harley Davidson (the same model that Arnold Schwarzenegger rode in The Terminator) on a special stand.  Guests were able to mount the motorcycle and pretend to ride.

Behind the Harley we had a projection of a road trailing away and to the side a big fan to add some hair movement.  Using the latest GIF technology we created awesome mini movies of guests riding the Harley Davidson!  These were not only fun but created quite the buzz around the shop.  Drawing many to come and try the latest fragrance from DSQUARED2 called Wood.  We had instant uploads of the boomerang GIFs and also created polaroid style branded prints.

Green screen allows for customized backdrops

two guys showing their photo booth prints and recent vans purchases

We received a call from a client that wanted to provide more then one backdrop for their photo booth pictures.  They wanted to let the customers decide which backdrop to use.  Green screen to the rescue!  This awesome technology allows you to take your photos against a green backdrop, then “key out” the green and add whatever image you like.  It’s the same tech they use in the movies to make the impossible, possible.

In this case the client Vans had partnered with Disney for a limited series of clothing.  Shoes, shirts, backpacks and more were adorned with a repeating pattern of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

We created a green screen photo booth which drew traffic into the store and kept customers engaged while creating a memorable experience.  Customers loved that they got to choose their favourite Disney character to be a part of their photo booth experience.

Are you looking to increase your brand exposure?  We would love to work with you to come up with the perfect execution to drive traffic to your store!

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