Glenn Gould Open House at CBC

Glenn Gould Studio hosted an Open House on October 30th to showcase their newly renovated lobby.  Snapshot Photobooth was on hand outside the CBC building to capture guests with the iconic statue of Glenn Gould sitting on a bench.

The evening brought together all of their corporate, concert and recording clients for a night of fun, cocktails and music.  From beginning to end, the goal was to create a VIP experience that all the guests would remember.

As part of the evening, there was a surprise concert by Andrew Austin.  The goal of the evening was successful – to highlight the uniqueness and versatility of the Gould.

Glenn Gould Studio event
Photo activation to promote the Glenn Gould studio at the CBC
Glenn Gould on a bench outside the CBC in Toronto
Posing for a photo with the Glenn Gould Statue at the CBC
Women posing with a statue of Glenn Gould at the CBC
The interior of the Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC in Toronto

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