Gorgeous black and white wedding photo booth images

Recently we have seen a huge resurgence in black and white wedding photo booth pictures.  Not sure if it’s the classic look of black and white, or the simplicity of the photo that makes the wedding photo booth pictures seem more real.  Whatever the reason, combining a simple white backdrop with a white template and black and white photos makes for some stunning photo booth pictures.

Do you remember back in the day when cameras required film?  No?  Umm, OK maybe I’m showing my age a bit.  Well, before digital photography and cell phone photography, you had to decide before you took your photos if you wanted them to be in colour or black and white.  Those days are obviously gone, but not forgotten!  Today, with filters and animations, photography has evolved in ways some would never have imagined.  Taking both photography and wedding photo booths to new heights.

bride and her bridesmaids posing in a kardashian style photo booth

Our experience shows that everyone still loves a good black and white photo.  Gorgeous tones and a simplicity that becomes all about the subject.

Did we mention we can do boomerang gifs and print simultaneously?  Well we CAN!!  These have our special, secret sauce filter which we call our Hollywood Glam filter.

a bride blows a kiss

Just look at all these classically fun times at one of our last wedding photo booths!  With lighting this beautiful everyone looks good enough to “Get in the Picture” with Snapshot Photobooth.  Do you love all things classic?  Want to have beautiful black and white photo booth photos at your wedding?  Give us a shout on your camera, that is also a phone.  Yes, we will be there to make your wedding photo booth pictures look classically fantastic.

Want to see more?  This gallery is available for viewing.

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