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The best wedding photo booth guest album

We love the wedding photo booth guest album!  Yes, “We do!”  Ever since we started this crazy business way back in 2005, the wedding photo booth guest album has been integral to our wedding clients.  We have presented hundreds of happily married couples a distinct and custom guest album filled with love wishes from all their guests.

Guests create spontaneous candid photos right at your wedding and re-live the joy with you by putting them in your guest album and describing their joy at your union.  Nothing can describe how wonderful it is to see Aunt Zelda acting out a series of photos and then reading the inspiration behind those photos.  When given the opportunity many of your guests will become creative geniuses right on the spot at your wedding reception.  Of course, a lot of them will also just do some fun and zany things that you will read about as you browse your guest album on your honeymoon.

We ensure that every photo makes its way into the wedding photo booth guest album, and that your guests have a great opportunity to leave an expression of their love.  Our attendants create the album and provide all the supplies to ensure the album is presented to you by the end of the night.  As your guests photo booth session ends, our attendants quickly place the first printed photo in the album so that it’s ready to be signed as everyone leaves the booth.  We gently encourage them to sign the guest album right away while the excitement of their photo booth session is still strong.

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Relive the magic of your wedding photo booth over and over again through the kind and loving expressions and fun photos of your guests. Book the Snapshot Photobooth for your wedding today!

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