Snapshot Photobooth proud to support H2015

Snapshot Photobooth sponsors Hashtag Printer for Toronto’s H2015 fundraiser.

A huge thank you to everyone that came out to the H2015 fundraiser – the event was a huge success.   They raised $23,000 for WaterAid Canada – changing the lives of 920 people forever.

Our Hashtag Printing service helped to raise awareness while creating a fun photo opportunity for guests attending the fundraiser.  Guests took photos and uploaded to either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #H2015.   We collected all the photos and printed them onsite – creating an instant memento of the event and a great souvenir take away for the guests.

If you haven’t heard of WaterAid, they provide clean water for life to an individual for every $25 donation.  An amazing cause that we can certainly get behind.

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