What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

Why You Really Need A Virtual Photo Booth

We are living in a virtual world.  According to Forbes magazine virtual events are up 1000%. It’s no surprise that photo booths have also entered the virtual world.  Here at Snapshot Photobooth we started offering virtual photo booths last year.  With more events going online, our clients began asking for fun and exciting ways to engage their employees and clients while meeting digitally.
Enter the Snapshot Virtual Photo Booth!  In a nutshell a virtual photo booth is similar to a photo app.  It allows for customization of a photo once it has been taken.  A Virtual Photo Booth can be customized with your branding.  We can customize the interface your user experiences.  As well as the final outcome of the photo or gif.

Virtual Photo Booth Options

The Snapshot Virtual Photo Booth offers a multitude of options to the end user.  The most popular are photos, gifs and animated boomerang gifs.  We brand the photos and gifs with a custom template.  The template can be either a static image or a video.  Our clients have created some very creative photos with our virtual photo booth.

AI Background Removal

Most Virtual Photo Booths are equipped with amazing AI.  This AI can seamlessly  remove the background of the photo.  Once removed the background can then be replaced by the clients choice.  Use an image or video that fits your theme!  Very similar to Green Screen technology but without the need for a green screen.  Virtual Photo Booths leverage the technology of AI for some truly creative effects.
animated gif showing different backdrops

Engage and Entertain Your Audience

Virtual Photo Booths are a great way to engage and delight anyone in your digital world. They are perfect for Zoom calls, online conferences, meetings and any other virtual gathering.  Brands are using Virtual Photo Booths to entertain and entice their clients on various social media platforms. In addition to providing a unique virtual experience, the photos and gifs are great content that is easily shared.
With a variety of customizable options the Virtual Photo Booth can fit seamlessly into your event from the URL to the final branded photo or gif. It will provide entertainment and a welcome break from your Zoom calls while giving your users a reason to LOL for real. Amp up your online game with a unique and creative virtual photo booth experience.
The Snapshot Virtual Photo Booth is Perfect For Your Event

Our Virtual Photo Booth is perfect for: Hybrid events, Multi day conferences, Fundraising events, Educational sessions, Networking opportunities, Internal hybrid events, Industry conferences, Trade shows and at any virtual online gathering.

Virtual Photo Booths can be integrated right into your event.  Our clients are inserting the Virtual Photo Booth right into their online portal.  Making it easy to promote and for guests to utilize.  Reach your online community with a Virtual Photo Booth.

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